Starting to *get* it

I’m working over on freecodecamp now, learning JavaScript with a few goals:

  • finish their program in Front End, Full Stack, and soon, Data Visualization and Backend work
  • work on their non-profit projects (for a better world!) so that
  • I can build projects that help me get work in the field (for a better me!)

Today, I was working on one of their algorithm challenges (Bonfires, in FCC-speak). It’s an exercise in truncating strings that I’d started last night and had some success with, but I’d set it down to work on it today (and because Erin and I wanted to watch some Casual, which is a Show I Have Mixed Feelings About But Still Is Worth Watching).

I was able to figure it out in a way that made me really feel like I’m starting to get this. Not just parroting what others show me; really building my skills. It’s a rush, and it’s really exciting.

Here’s the code. It’s yet another start in my world of starts.