10 Fun Facts About Utah!

welcome to Utah

10 Fun Facts about Utah!

  1. It was founded by the Utes, a gang of kids that lived in Joe Pesci’s neighborhood.
  2. Morton Salt has their headquarters there, and the rebranding of a toxic salt spill to be a Great Salt Lake is studied in marketing programs around the world.
  3. The Mountain Time Zone was named after Big Mountain Jones, a local goldsmith in the 1800s.
  4. The NBA’s Utah Jazz are named the Jazz because Salt Lake City is known as the Birthplace of Jazz.
  5. Famous Jazz player Karl Malone is nicknamed the Mailman, because when he first started playing in the NBA, he also drove for USPS to help make ends meet.
  6. Another famous Jazz in Utah: DJ Jazzy Jeff summers in Park City.
  7. The University of Utah offers the world’s only BFA in Snowboarding.
  8. Children from all over Utah compete annually in the nation’s largest staring contest, judged by Nickelodeon’s Pete and Pete.
  9. While alcohol content is kept under 4% for draft beer, Utah is the nation’s only state where bottles of unknown hooch with “XXX” on them are still legal. Locals call it Ramble Gamble Juice!
  10. I’ma be there in about 14 hours for MARCH MADNESS.