Writing Again, finally

It’s truly a long time coming, but I’m writing again! How ‘bout that?

(This post started in a paper journal and here is where I wrote, “Maybe this is a blog post?”)

If this is a blog post, I’d have to say:

  • Moving meant that I don’t get to just walk down the street and write at my favorite brewpub anymore. Bummer.
  • But also, life came at me fast with this move, and maybe I’m finally settled?
  • I’ve truly missed writing, something I can tell even more, now, as I’m doing it again.
  • I’ve decided to sign up for HiFi to help this side of things out; it’s been too long since I learned about tender discipline and all the rest.

I’m excited to be back. 😀

p.s. Originally posted on my omg.lol weblog. Honestly, I am debating using that more, but wanted to post this here!