30 Days in April: Day 11

"Springtime" (2009)

The next time that it feels a LOT like springtime outside, bring a friend and a camera to a park that holds many memories for you.

Have your friend take pictures of you jumping in the air, yelling "it's time!"

Onlookers may ask, "time for what?" 


"Mending Wall" (2009)

The next time you purchase or pay for something, strike up a small conversation with the other person involved in the transaction.

Do not rush, and do not force interest.  

Do this in your neighborhood, daily, for seven days.

On a day when you don't purchase anything, there are probably other strangers you could converse with.


"Hover (2009)"

Travel to the nearest significant body of water.

Take off your right shoe and right sock.

Walk to the edge of the water and come as close as possible to touching the water with your foot as you can, but be sure not to get your foot wet.


Head home.