30 Days in April: Day 26

A while back, one of my friends (can't remember who) told me that they felt I took really great cell phone photos.  Now, one could take that as more of a "wow, this fast food hamburger tastes great!" kind of compliment, but I decided not to do that. 

I've been pretty enamored of how the photos have been turning out with my Palm Centro, especially the arrows one from a few days ago.  Mind you, I don't do any digital retouching at all. 

I have always been fascinated with making do with the at supplies you have at hand.  When I take  cell phone photo and use it as my artwork for the day, I really did take the photo thinking, "this might be my art for the day."  But digital photos are also so immediate that it always feels like cheating to me.  Especially camera phones.  I don't know why.  I wouldn’t say that Girl Talk cheats by making collages of songs, or that Photoshop artists aren't making art.  

At any rate, it's sleeping time.  Big day at work tomorrow.