New Project: 30 Days in April

Hey folks!

I've gotten more and more interested in using this space for writing about things other than music, in posting online more, and in sharing creative work that I create myself.

In the spirit of such things, I started a tumblr site a few months back, but that wasn't enough. 

At this point, I'm going to take HLA in more of a generalist direction.  Separating the arts too much has never suited me, really. I still really want this name to be something that I only use for the highest quality stuff I can do--or at least, the posts with the most thought behind them.  I want to write about the things in culture that strike me, and I also want to post things that I make.  I can use my livejournal, my personal twitter, or my tumblr for the rest.


Now, an announcement is in order:

I am starting a new project this April, and I'm calling it 30 Days in April.

During this month, I'll be posting something, daily, that I've created.  I'm tired of looking back on the seven (seven!) years since I went to art school, or the months since I started renting art space, and wondering why I haven't been creating.  I'm so crazy about changing this ingrained, habitual pattern that I've gotten a daily writing prompts book and even, dare I say it, The Artist's Way

I have been stagnant too long, and so has Hard Like Algebra. This changes today.

I want to thank ya'll in advance for the support. It should be fun.