Thirty ain't lookin' so bad

There are many shows coming up in my life, and today I found out that Iron & Wine (well, just Sam Beam) is playing at Wheaton College the night I fly in to Chicago. For those keeping track at home:

feb 15 iron & wine (wheaton, il)
feb 16 wilco (chicago)
feb 17 is my 30th birthday wtf
feb 18 st. vincent (back in portland)
feb 19 mountain goats album and vampire weekend vinyl are released
feb 25 mountain goats
feb 26 mountain goats
mar 25 vampire weekend (my new band crush)

Helluva time for music.

Related awesome forum post of the day:

So is Iron and Wine a Christian band or something?


I lost my weird misplaced integrity by downloading the new Mountain Goats album. I tried to not listen to it until I could listen to it all in one sitting but that's really hard shit to do, yknow? Really hard shit. And now I am getting sick and I'm not gonna lie: if I have to take sick days it's gonna be all about me, an asthma inhaler, and Heretic Pride over and over and over.


It makes me really happy to know that Adam Voith is responsible for booking the Mountain Goats.