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Some things!

--In an attempt to have posts look uniform, I am going to try to have a photo and an eventual read more link in far more of my posts now. Whee!

(can you see how exciting this post's gonna be?)(I bet you can't wait for more!)

--I wrote about 800 words tonight. Not online--SIMPLY TO WRITE! This is astounding to me.

--And scary because I know it's lame to start with my childhood but I'm going with the "just write, sort it later" mentality It's always worked before, and I believe in it deeply.

--There's actually, perhaps a story in what I was writing. Somewhere anyway. And that's also quite exciting. Because I do believe I will be applying for grad school in writing within a year or so, and uh, that means writing samples, eh?

--I would totally apply this year, to start fall of next, but the lack of samples and current letters of rec would be challenging. As would the GRE-taking and fee-paying.

--I am listening to tonight, exciting in and of itself, but also I'm delighted to report that it's over wifi, on my netbook, through VLC. Computers are awesome.

--So is jolicloud. Seriously, it just works. And for Linux on an Asus EEE PC 900, that's pretty amazing.

--I've taken three sick days in a row, which is something I maybe have done one other time in the 2.5 years I've had a job with that many sick hours. It's crazy. More on that in a second.

--I've never been sure what genre I would want to study for writing, even though I'd like a 3 year program. Isn't that odd? And now I think maybe even creative non-fiction even though I think terms like that are actually fictional.


So the being sick thing.

It was really bad. By the second full day off, I essentially was in bed all day, only pausing for more liquids and to pee.

But the main thing it did was slow me down. A lot. Things got very basic (in my head: "okay it's 1pm so you have to eat" or "it's a good idea to drink more of something."), but it also upset me when I got caught up in reading about MA programs so I wanted to write or at least look up specific program info, and I simply didn't have the energy.

I was able to see what scarce ability looked like, and that was a bit game-changing for me. I feel like this week has taken so long, and in such a good way, despite being sick, because it really just became about setting myself up for successfully getting healthy again.

Weeks can always feel this long, if I just wasn't stuck online all the time, if I was writing, doing the right things, for me. I see a lot more of that now, and I'm so glad.

I'm excited about a new adventure! It's starting soon. Maybe even tonight.

I'll edit tomorrow, so apologies for any weirdness. It's time for sleeping!