Narrow Your Eyes

Sometimes all it takes is pausing Queer Eye, putting on James Brooks 1:, and thinking, hey, I should take out that experimental notebook that I’ve been around playing in.

journal page image that includes handwritten scrawl of the blockquote that is directly below the image

21 august 2018! Recently I wrote in my day-to-day journal the following phrase/question: How can I narrow down the ways I use my ENERGY?

It’s on my mind lately. I don’t know if it’s turning 40 or sharing so much of my time with a fellow extrovert or what, but I’m needing downtime lately. And then I also need “I finally cleaned the house so let’s keep it that way” time, and hey I need to exercise and sleep and

Well, here, this is the response page.

journal page with many phrases written on it, such as i need to control my spending so much more, energy towards meaningful time with people, hobbies are more fun when SHARED, and the like

And really, I don’t have an answer, on the response to the response:

image that includes handwritten text that is present in the next blockquote

When I truly look at that page (overleaf), I see that I mean so, so well….

but no one can go from ZERO to HERO in so many areas at once!

and I don’t know how to choose. 😔

it all seems SO IMPORTANT!

So I guess I just have to do my best. Tonight, that’s posting this; hopefully soon, it’ll mean posting the Janelle Monae post I’ve been cooking for months now.

  1. He plays tack piano. Go look that up. It’s awesome.