07 March 2014 by Jim Withington

Everything is Impermanent

Dharma Rain is progressing on their plans to move to a new home right now, and it’s shaking me up more than I'd have expected. I first got into Buddhism (via Buddhism for Dummies, which I still maintain is a great intro book) when I was teaching full-time and

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05 March 2014 by Jim Withington

Support your (nonlocal) opening bands

I went to an emo show over the weekend and against my better [1] judgment, I did something I haven’t done in years: I bought some music from each of the openers. This was notable for a few reasons: - When was the last time you went to

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26 February 2014 by Jim Withington

That's Great Ray, Save Some For Me

Harold Ramis died yesterday, and, well, I’m not usually one to comment on celebrity deaths, especially not in a blog form. But the thing about Egon was that he lived in Skokie during the years when I was at Northwestern, and he even sometimes came to campus and

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16 January 2014 by Jim Withington

Kicking the Tires

Hello World I'm trying something new around here. Still kicking the tires and picking options. Here's the archive for the old blog. Long live the new.

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