30 Days in April: Day 24

Today's art brought to you by the letter tired and the number queasy.

I like cameraphone shots also.

30 Days in April: Day 23

Music as
busting bursting at the seams
     thirsting catching dreams

I can just write and write and write but I never know if it really is what I really want it to be
Seeming to me like
bad poetry

"It's the process," he used to say with a laugh.

It's the process.

30 Days in April: Day 22

Foot (2009)

Ask five friends to measure their feet.

Pick the person who has a foot closest to twelve inches in length.

Take a photo of that person's foot.

Print the photo to actual size.

Hang it on a wall where you live, with the caption "Standard of Measurement" below it.

30 Days in April: Day 21

Mail Reaction (2009)


1. Choose and listen to one of the unmarked songs below.
2. If you know the song, then choose another.
3. If you do not know the song, then listen to the song in its entirety.
4. During or after listening, make a piece of postcard-sized art based on what you are hearing. This can include anything you define as art.
5. Send the postcard/art to: Hard Like Algebra, PO Box 40161, Portland, OR 97240-0161. Be sure to identify if it was track 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Bonus: any participant who choses to do so may include the link to a song in the comments. Upon receipt of that participant's art, I will participate in the first 4 steps above, and send my art to the participant's address.

One last thing:  some of the embedded info in the tracks is showing through on two of these.  Please ignore those words--the songs are intended to be heard without band or track name.