30 Days in April: Day 2

The fountain cascaded with promise. She focused her attention on the water, only glancing at him long enough to say, "It's all too much."

And then she was gone.

30 Days in April: Day 1

For the first 30 days post, I started learning just how much Garageband has changed since the first version.

New Project: 30 Days in April

I am starting a new project this April, and I'm calling it 30 Days in April. During this month, I'll be posting something, daily, that I've created.

Hell, I Won't be Found

While this post admittedly exists a tiny bit to ensure that I have posted something at least monthly, I also haven't yet had a time to write a post gushing about The Tallest Man on Earth, and he totally deserves the gushing.

So, go check out his Myspace page. You'll get past the Dylan comparison fairly quickly, and then you'll be rushing out to go get the fancy-pants limited edition vinyl album. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.