30 Days in April: Day 6

I'm really enjoying the guerilla style of all of this. I'm finding myself creating as I used to--phrases from my journals, photos I made ages ago yet recontextualized, office productivity programs used for art-making.

I'm feeling unstuck. I'm on to something here.


One last thing:  MAN Apple rules at making things easy to use.

30 Days in April: Day 5

Working with digital loops to create music is a really odd form of creativity. Odd because it feels a bit like cheating, and a bit like MAN THIS IS SO AWESOME I MADE A SONG.

Anyway, enjoy some more Garageband tuneage.  I might do something odd involving weird Keynote presentations next. 

Yes, seriously.


30 Days in April: Day 4

Portland was so gorgeous today.

30 Days in April: Day 3

We had a party on day three.  Well, it was taco night.  Essentially a party, yes?

And parties can be art right? I'm going to write five reasons why this works, and have that qualify as the day three project, okay? Okay.

1. The Act of Drinking Beer With Friends is the Highest Form of Art.
2. Like any performance, you have to prepare, know your audience, and essentially design sound, lighting, and even your "character" for the night.
3. Performance art is art in which the actions of an individual or a group at a particular place and in a particular time constitute the work.
4. I am thinking of how creating something daily is an act of creating meaningful experiences.  This was a great one! 
5. Happenings. 'Nuff said.

Thanks to all the people who helped create this project for Day 3!  :-)