Thirty ain't lookin' so bad

There are many shows coming up in my life, and today I found out that Iron & Wine (well, just Sam Beam) is playing at Wheaton College the night I fly in to Chicago. For those keeping track at home: feb 15 iron & wine (wheaton, il) feb 16 wilco (chicago) feb 17 is my 30th birthday wtf feb 18 st. vincent (back in portland) feb 19 mountain goats album and vampire weekend vinyl are released feb 25 mountain goats feb 26 mountain goats mar 25 vampire weekend (my new band crush) Helluva time for music.

The Same Blocked Intersection

I told myself that I wouldn't do "those dashed off quick entries" around here, but then the Mountain Goats put out a video for their new single and it was awesome and here it is and you should watch it full screen because seriously, guys, wow.


Other People's Words, 22 Jan 2008

Holy crap, biggest news around here (to me) : Casey Dienel shall now be known as White Hinterland. New album out March 4th. [via]


Sean Michaels reviews-via-short-story at Said the Gramophone. Great song, too.


Andrew Gilstrap (of Popmatters) just got his childhood record collection back (scroll down to Jan 8, 2008)****

Timedoor brings us the songs of former Packer/Eagles great/bigot Reggie White.


Last month, Trash Audio talked to The Depreciation Guild about their process their use of a Famicom in their music.



So. There's this band called Vampire Weekend and they must have the Midas Touch or something equally legendary cuz man oh man, they appear to have the biggest blog uproar since, like, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (or at least since Black Kids). Weirdly enough, I actually got to write about them back in July, when they were just a band playing through at a local show that now I wish even more that I had seen. I can honestly say this means that I am not a trend setter, but at the very least, sort of the Stone Temple Pilots to VW's Pearl Jam (which is far different than Pearl Jam's VD, for the record)(don't spread that rumor)(or maybe, do?).