Starting to *get* it

I’m working over on freecodecamp now, learning JavaScript with a few goals:

Kicking the Tires, Again

And here I am, kicking the tires on a new way to blog. I like that this is fully Githubbed out, and is helping me blow the dust off my git knowledge. I like the thought of using Jekyll and hosting it for free too, to be honest.

So do you spend your time on Fridays doing creative things?

I'm in a particularly thinky place right now. Thinking about Portland and how it's changing / has changed. Thinking about me, where I've been, where I'm going. Where has my writing gone, and what do I when I have down time?

Everything is Impermanent

Dharma Rain is progressing on their plans to move to a new home right now, and it’s shaking me up more than I’d have expected.